About us

TRANSCOM is an international physical bulk-trading firm that trades in finished fertilizers, fertilizer raw materials, agricultural products and petrochemicals. Our professional team offers an array of logistical and supply services to meet the needs of our respected clientele worldwide.

History & Ownership

Siraj Rahimtula moved to Dubai in the early 1980’s and established Transfert FZCO with a commitment to widening the Rahimtula Group’s footprint by developing international trade. This new entity was formed to enhance ongoing representation agreements with gulf producers and commence the trading of finished fertilizers and fertilizer raw materials in world markets. Since its inception, Transfert established significant contractual off-take and supply agreements with industry leaders worldwide. In 2010, Siraj Rahimtula went on to form TRANSCOM DMCC as the main trading platform and for the future development of trade, while keeping Transfert FZCO to concentrate on various ongoing agency agreements. TRANSCOM is now a well-respected trading entity that operates in its own name with direct contractual relationships with major producers and end-users worldwide. TRANSCOM DMCC offers a basket of supply and logistical solutions up and down the fertilizer, fertilizer raw material and agricultural supply-chains.

TRANSCOM's Timeline

Read the highlights of our yearly activities.

  1. 2010

    TRANSCOM  was formed.

  2. 2011

    TRANSCOM exported Petrochemicals to Turkey.

  3. 2012

    TRANSCOM started distributing Urea and NPK in West Africa.

  4. 2013

    Under the Governmental policy of India, Wheat was allowed to be exported. TRANSCOM was successful in exporting 150,000 MTS of Wheat to Bangladesh and East Africa.

  5. 2014

    TRANSCOM was focusing on the development of the African market.

  6. 2015

    TRANSCOM got an allocation of 600,000 MTS of Sulphur from Abu Dhabi to market to various destinations around the world.


    TRANSCOM got an allocation of 300,000 MTS of Rock Phosphate from Egypt to sell to India.

  7. 2016


We intend on remaining a global market leader in this industry. We would like to build on our team of diverse, talented and passionate employees to ensure productive growth internally as well as for our business partners in trade.


We are determined to create long-term relationships by providing efficient and exceptional service through enhancing the value of trade between producers and end-users. We offer innovative and creative mercantile solutions to suit the needs of each customer and respective markets. We implement our many years of industry experience in marketing, logistics and trade finance to produce the optimum trade experience.


We are constantly assessing global scenarios as they are always changing and we strive to maintain a level of understanding and corporate social responsibility that assures all of our activities improve the livelihoods of others and the conditions of our planet.


TRANSCOM is a member of the International Fertilizer Association and the Fertilizer Association of India .