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Producers and end users do not always have a direct relationship, this is usually due to financial constraints along with geographical and logistical challenges. TRANSCOM applies the following solutions to overcome these issues thereby opening markets and trade routes.

Product Sourcing

TRANSCOM is a key player in the raw material minerals, finished fertilizer and agricultural trades. Our long and trusting relationships with producers, mine operators and plant operators allows us unique and timely access to a full spectrum of products on both long term basis and spot requirements. We do this by constantly updating the various production levels and distribution initiatives of our close principles.

Trade Finance

Due to our strength of trade and longevity in the market, we have established relationships with various world-class trade financial institutions. With trade financial facilities in place, we offer our buyers various solutions on which to procure goods at the same time as satisfying the producer’s payment terms. This allows goods to flow smoothly from producers to end-users.

Logistics and Chartering

TRANSCOM is a very logistic oriented company, we charterer 50/60 vessels per year (40/45 Bulk & 15/20 Gas). Attention to every detail in the movement of goods is a critical aspect of our activity and focus. Through various strategies, we move our own goods and third party goods with the idea of enhancing the trade value of all participants.

Stock & Trade

In various markets such as India and Africa, we offer stock and trade strategies to support our customers with smaller volume requirements. We also enter into distribution contracts with many government entities to assure the availability and distribution of goods downstream.